Winter’s Night Botanical Wax Heart Melts



A warming aroma,  reminiscent of a roaring fire providing comfort on long winter nights.

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Our Winter’s Night aroma is a complex scent that combines bold woody notes and spicy notes. The result is like a warm, roaring fire providing comfort on long winter nights. Made with 100% natural wax and carefully selected fragrance oils. Each Scented melt is infused with dried botanicals to complement the individual fragrance.

We hand pour our melts in our Leicestershire studio & then leave them to cure for a minimum of 7 days to fully develop the fragrance, before being beautifully packaged in biodegradable/compostable & recyclable bags & gift boxes.

Simply pop a heart melt into the bowl of your chosen burner with an unscented t light underneath. Once the fragrance has evaporated, let the wax cool & set & replace with a new melt piece. We advise you do not mix different fragrances together.

Each melt piece will fill your home with approximately 12 hours of gorgeous heart warming aroma, enjoy! Botanical Bag of 10 Wax Heart Wax Melts.